317 SHOP 是從一個自行車門市演變出來的商店,依照市場的需求我們延伸出幾種不同的營業項目,主要有 BIKE / Skin Care / Guest House 等等,希望可以藉由317 SHOP這個APP提供大家優質的產品和更快速更方便的消費.





When the bicycle shop combines with skin care products and quality accommodation, what spark will they evoke?
317 SHOP is a shop from bicycle shops which developed through the needs of the market. We extend several different kinds of business projects. There are Bicycles, Skin Care, Guest House and so on. We hope that we can provide the customers quality products and faster and more convenient consumption channel by 317SHOP app. 
317 offer the best bicycle related products which let you play safely and healthy
317 provide the best skin care products which give you the peace of mind to play under the sun
317 pick up the best quality accommodation and restaurants allow you have a blast and relax your body

公司名稱: 衍尊貿易實業有限公司
服務電話: 0423178811
商店地址: 台中市433沙鹿區明秀二街2巷10號1樓